It was on a weekend away at the Hunter Valley that my boyfriend and I drove past The Laguna Village, and were intrigued by it’s unusual shambolic look. Made from corrugated iron and wooden boards, GNTP includes a pub, a pool room, a wine bar and a mini supermarket. The vibe there is very special, everything seems hand-made with found materials and objects. We were told that the place would have been built by convicts in the 19th century.

I was really seduced by BARE Nature’sKin shop, located in a little hut next to GNTP. A little bit rustic, the display of organic objects were incredible to look at. Some vintage cases, baskets and jars contain different flavours, herbs, flowers, seeds and minerals used in their soaps. It was a pleasure to have a chat with Michelle, the owner, wander around and take some pictures.

3718 Great North Road, Laguna NSW 2325