The Butler is located in the back streets of Potts Point. Once discovered it’s hard to resist the will of going back. The interior, branding and view of the city are absolutely splendid. There is also a spacious terrasse surrounded by plants.

It was a pleasure to take some pictures at golden hour on a Tuesday afternoon before the big rush. The staff were very friendly and gave me some information about the people involved in the creative process of this special place. The Butler used to host a restaurant of the same name and took a lot of its inspiration from there but with a modern twist.

I love the branding Julia Jacque developed. She is a multidisciplinary designer and does a lot of work in hospitality. The exotic print and texture of the chairs in French colonial style work really well in synergy with the interior. The khaki colour used on the logo and menu resonates with the wallpaper and the pastel pink complements it well. There is a real attention to detail across the different print materials.

The interior design was done by Luchetti Krelle and shortlisted for Australian Interior Design Awards 2015. The vintage French and West Indie botanical themed wallpaper gives a lot of personality to the venue and was created in collaboration with Kingdom Home.


123 Victoria Street, Potts Point NSW 2011