T Totaler is a tea bar which combines a shop and a tea room. I had a chat with the friendly owner, Amber, who told me that she had a background in marketing and branding. With the help of her husband, she developed the whole concept and had a clear vision of the interior decoration before opening the store.

The brand is focused on sustainability and sourcing local products. Waste is reduced by using glass jars that people are encouraged to refill. This is again reflected with the use of second-hand furnitures and objects tweaked in a modernized way. The menu contains illustrations and is printed on recycled paper.

A combination of textures (concrete, wood, glass, metal, plants…), minimal colour palette and hand-crafted attention to detail, create a natural and relaxed atmosphere. Though the overall branding (typography and style) is a bit too mismatched for my taste. My favorite parts of the shop are the tailor-made display shelves and the scientific test tubes. I love the interior and the watermelon pressed juice I had was delicious.

555a King Street, Newtown NSW 2042