It was whilst reading about Sibella Court‘s favorite museums that I found out about Le Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature so I decided to go and visit. I wasn’t disappointed and was instantly immersed in a quirky and fascinating world. If you dislike taxidermy this won’t be the place for you but if you’re ready to experience something a little different, to interact with the space and take yourself on a journey; you will love this place.

A sense of humour and attention to detail combined with unique art pieces and a mix of old and new furniture make this hotel particulier one of a kind. The trophy room was by far the most impressive. There are artisan-made touches and a refined colour palette throughout. I would happily go back to further explore the cabinet of curiosities (with many drawers to pull) and other sophisticated details such as beautifully handwritten signs and informative clipboards.

62 Rue des Archives, 7503 Paris