The simple beauty of white brick walls, a bright red door and a hand painted sign first caught my attention before Glider officially opened in late 2013. It then became one of my favourite local coffee shops and I like to go there for some fresh vegetarian thai food and a good espresso from Single Origin Roasters.

The owner, Mark, is always very friendly and explained how he enjoyed working on the whole interior with his dad, improving it over time. The room is small but has been optimised with a custom-made table and a wall mirror. The outdoor area also gives a different perspective to the space. The painted Glider sign could work really well if placed on the menu. Every piece of furniture, along with other objects and elements have been chosen with care. In particular, I like the hanging golden lamps which combined with the wooden finishes give a warm touch to the overall clean design.

197 Victoria Street, Potts Point NSW 2011