If you happen to visit Brussels, make sure that you don’t miss out on this extremely well designed coffeeshop offering Portuguese pastries. This place was definitely the highlight of my trip when I went to Brussels this April 2016.

The interior design (Unid), styling (Miss Tipi) and graphic design (Codefrisko) work together in complete synergy. The Scandinavian style furniture is well selected and some nice details give warmth to the space; such as the plants, beautiful illustrations and plates on the wall.

Here is what Audrey Schayes from Codefrisko explained to me when I asked her for some details about the project:

“The visual identity we developed for Forcado takes into account the codes of its Portuguese heritage, while at the same time embracing something modern, gourmet and generous. The custom logo font was conceived with the help of stamps to express authenticity, the human touch and to suggest artisanal craftsmanship, pleasure, and savoir-faire… To complete the logo, a monogram, also handmade, was realized by way of signature. This monogram becomes a motif, calling to mind decorative Azulejo, traditional Portuguese painted ceramic tiles. The range of colors includes royal blue, evoking the Portuguese sky, Azulejo, the ocean… and cinnamon orange suggesting pastries, sugar, the gourmet aspect, and homemade goodness.”

Chaussée de Charleroi 196, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Brussels