This landmark cinema is centred in Tangier’s Grand Socco, at the crossroads of the colonial-era European downtown and the medieval Arab medina. It was constructed in the late 1930’s, at the peak of Tangier’s heyday when the city enjoyed its status as an international zone. During this time, many European and American diplomats, spies, writers and businessmen settled in Tangier, developing the city’s culture, economic influence and romantic reputation. Today, Tangier still has its cosmopolitan side, with a wide variety of influences contributing to its cultural diversity and unique personality.

Cinema Rif was saved from a property development project in 2006 and reopened after some renovations. Yto Barrada, a French-Moroccan artist, founded a non-profit art-house cinema, whose mission is to develop local talent and express the stories and issues of a modern Muslim country through film.

This iconic place really has a soul and the cafe is a great demonstration of it. It is full of life with a very diverse crowd of young creatives, tourists and locals of all ages. The hand-painted red and black signs are particularly beautiful. A collection of vintage bottles, framed portraits and press articles remind us of times gone by. Colourful lights are suspended from the ceiling, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Overall, this place is designed in a timeless manner, referencing its roots from the past while retaining a modern vibe.

Grand Socco, 90000 Tanger